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"Finally our website spoke to our luxury-loving audience like never before. The results were bloody incredible" - Carr


The Challenge

We were commissioned to entirely re-brand CARR Watches & Diamonds. The new look had to appeal to two wildly different sectors of their market; from the local city trader to ladies of luxury.

As well as the website and CMS, the re-brand also extended to all print media, content and marketing collateral. Products were added the to the site daily and newsletters of showcasing new stock published weekly. All of this had to work seamlessly and more importantly, simply, for the sales team to maintain confidently.

The Solution

Profiling the customer base set the foundations for the direction of the brand, the functionality of the site, content marketing and the messages we would deliver. The end result provided a luxurious looking website, on brand.

The site intelligently integrated marketing activity such as weekly newsletters and competitions whilst not compromising product browsing activity. Clear call to action buttons enabled every product to be reserved. Every item of collateral re-enforced the brand look and feel, it was a huge success.

Highly Interactive Product Pages Encouraging Engagement from the Right Audience.

the Result.

Simply Beautiful.

< < < What the website looked like before Studio Caine (Your Welcome)

Re-enforcing Brand Identity

Marketing for Seasonal & Topical Campaigns

Bespoke Mobile App Boosted Sales


Built To Serve the Customers

Audience profiling taught us that over 50% of CARRs audience browse on the go. The typical busy client in Londons’ home of finance spending a considerable amount of time in city cabs daily, for example. With a beautiful new interface, browsing daily timepieces now becomes their daily fix.


Designed & Developed Intelligently

With a time-poor customer base, every step of the app from design, functionality to speed was carefully considered to ensure the highest level of targeted user experience. Linking to the main site and CMS keeps the app up-to-date which was crucial to the returning customer.


Extensive Demographic Studies

Creating an APP that served the variety of CARRs customers was paramount to its success. Spending time with the client base was essential to obtaining these results; knowing which options, products and messaging to put forward was essential.

  • Lead Gen from Mobile App 80%
  • Website Traffic 80%
  • Conversion Rate 75%
  • Email Subscribers 80%

The Results Were Amazing

“Those designers who better understand the preferences for their target online audience are more likely to achieve success in highly competitive online markets”


We Rethought Everything

Complete Corporate Identity


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