Introducing Immodesty Blaize’s new brand, The Modern Goddess


SAIRA AMIN: I know! What an honour. I had actually had a few conversations with Kelly about the concept of building a new empowerment brand a few years back when I had the pleasure of dining with her with mutual friends. We met a couple of times to throw around some ideas. But the concept firmed up a year later, when Kelly had broken her knee (walking her dog!). Her slow recovery period made her dive into all sorts of alternative healing, one which included nutritional therapy programme, by Chris. Kelly’s recovery progress was so great that she went on to study and train for the course herself!

Kelly and Chris realized what a powerhouse they were together. Kelly with her strong presence, incredible mindpower and super-following. And Chris, with his the scientific theory.  We discussed the possibilities of a brand encompassing all of those – and The Modern Goddess was born.

Kelly agreed that she had to predominantly be the voice of this brand, instead of Immodesty. After all, this brand is about the transparency of healing, authenticity and the audience would love to know they are being spoken to from an off-stage presence.  A chance for Kelly to talk from behind the scenes. It was an awesome experience to be a part of growing this brand, Kelly and Chris are super pleased with the site – and that means the world to me.

It was an awesome experience to be a part of growing this brand, Kelly and Chris were amazing to work with and they have so many wonderful plans to build a super brand from this platform – I can’t wait!

“The Modern Goddess gives practical coaching, courses, and support to help women globally in the field of beauty, body image, confidence, eating challenges, weight concerns, binge eating, overeating, exercise and fitness. The Modern Goddess is here to help women get results, not by punishing and ineffective strategies, but through means that nourish, fulfill, empower, and which reach for the highest goals.” – the Modern Goddess

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