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What was the reason behind EPC wanting to re-brand?

[STUDIO CAINE] “Well it actually wasn’t part of the original plan. We initially conducted an anonymous staff questionnaire to help with research for the website. The results were pretty full on – the brand itself came under a lot of scrutiny. The general feeling was that it was stale, unattractive and needed a new lease of life to stand apart from the growing local competitors.  So we pitched a few cheeky re-brand mood boards and they were thrilled. The job expanded from there.” 

What kind of look did they go for?

“They wanted something brighter and ‘happier’ so in the end they chose a very playful yellow and purple colour scheme with a style board filled with sunflowers, happy smily people and user-friendly technology. The logo, they wanted to keep round to honour the previous one but give it more of a modern edge. So we got rid of the embossed effects, used symmetrically pleasing compositions and graded with a flat colour tones. 

Once this was locked down, we re-made everything; business cards, brochures, leaflets, property templates, editorial adverts, mouse mats – the lot. We introduced all the elements from the new style guide, it all worked really beautifully together. This then flowed in to everything else we did for EPC including their new property development which we also managed.” 

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