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The Job

With a separate full creative re-brand and website underway, the same client tested our super-powers and asked if we would consider project managing the new premises. When we turned up at a site that resembled a car park we swiftly realised the project wasn’t just about picking wall or floor colours. It was a building project from the ground up. This was a full on shirt-opening (think superman, not page 3) moment for us. Everything we practiced from customer profiling to branding was about to be put in to practice, in a big way. From planning the layout of the new premises, to commissioning the furniture and managing a team of service men, builders, surveyors and quality control inspectors – there was no way out. Oh, and all on the tightest time frame of 12 weeks; they had to vacate their old premises by Christmas (with or without somewhere to move in to!).

The Process

To begin with we referred back to the research we had conducted during our Branding development. We treated the building like a branding environment; focusing on user-experience we worked closely with our commissioned surveyor to strategically position every room, every person and item in the building. We commissioned Smartfirm who are a one-stop shop for both Building Works and Electrical Services. We worked closely with furniture and textile suppliers to create bespoke seating and flooring as well as Print and Lighting providers for added branding elements such as a tailored glass front, creative walls and external signage lighting. A truly great job to have managed and yes, the newly branded business & move date was achieved by christmas!

Have a look at the logo and branding developments for this client, here.

The Final Results

From the inside out, the “happy customer” brand colours were tailored to every element. Bright lighting throughout the signage was crucial for attracting customers on the busy main street.

The Building Site!

We certainly learnt a thing or two about working with servicemen and builders, re-communication and project management was necessary on the hour, every hour!

Mood Board

Absolutely fell in love with the design of this sofa and was lucky to get an exact commission with chosen fabrics and brand colours! Wonderful yet fabulously daunting to have such carte blanche.

Customer Comfort

The customer area created truly represented the happy, smart and modern brand style we wanted to achieve! Happy customers = happy sales!

Branded Flooring

The flooring design incorporated the curved shapes within the new branding, the colours as well as different textures being used to accommodate durability and functionality of the space.

Brochures & Merch

Brochures, leaflets and flyers were created and placed strategically as well as stationary, mugs and all sorts of merchandise!


New Rental and Sold signs beaming on-brand.

Project Management + Intelligent Business Branding

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